For National Beautician’s Day: Tips the pros use themselves!


 Yesterday was National Beautician’s Day!

You know the saying “the shoe maker’s kids have no shoes”? Well, many beauticians struggle to make time to pamper themselves!

Yesterday, on KABB FOX Morning Show, I honored beauticians by sharing secrets the pros love to use themselves! These are tips that are fast, easy and affordable that we can all use!



The secrets for fast and easy 60-second hair styles!
Slick back pony, buns or twists take seconds! Comb hair at a side parting, and hold your hair in a low or high pony. Then, roll up all your hair in various strands or in a bun. If you have bangs, let them flow loose!

Hair style holds longer & looks more professional with styling product! Use a pomade or wax that’s provides control, but is light weight like L’oreal’s Nature’s Therapy.

For even cuter style in seconds, place a fun hair accessory in your hair that compliments your outfit!

Smokey eyesDouble sided eye crayon

How to smoke out your eyes with one beauty tool!
There are many amazing ways to use a double-sided eye crayon that will give you beautiful looks in just a few minutes. You can use an eye crayon as an eyeliner and eye shadow for the lid, a crease and brow bone highlighter, and some shades can even be used as an eye brow color! One product that’s helped me create tons of quick, beautiful looks is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Eye Pencil.

Spa at Home Olay Moisture Body Wash

How to get and keep spa soft skin from your own home!

If you live in dry places like the mid-west, it’s often difficult to keep your skin looking and feeling soft. For soft skin that feels like you just came from the spa, jump in the tub or shower and lather all skin with a deep hydrating body wash! My favorite product right now is Olay’s Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter. There are many products out there that can leave your skin feeling soft, but it doesn’t last. I’ve found that after 4 or 5 washes, this product totally changed the feel of my skin for the long run by adding moisture to it! It has a unique lotion-like lather formula that starts working as soon as it’s combined with water.

When in the shower, don’t be so quick to wash the body wash off. Leave it on for about a minute longer than you normally would so it can work it’s magic. Also, avoid soaking in hard water when possible as this is tough on your skin, and when you get out of the water, lather your skin with lotion that has Shea Butter in it. 


We all want tips and secrets with lasting results so research and results are the key! Experts like our fabulous beaticians especially need to stay ahead by learning new tips all the time, and then sharing them with others like I’m doing here today. For more tips, like my page at AND follow me on Twitter @starleymurray

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About starleymurray

Starley Murray is a widely respected National Image Marketing & Publicity Expert, Celebrity Makeup Artist and creator of the popular brand of on-camera products, Starley Murray Cosmetics. Starley developed her expertise of High Definition Television Specialty Training working with television networks, film production studios, fashion and entertainment magazines as well as numerous high profile clients for 20 years. Requested by television icons and film industry leaders such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Time Warner Cable, Good Morning America, The E Channel and Entertainment Tonight affiliates and staff, she lends her skills and expertise in an ever changing industry. Starley’s image techniques and behind the scenes contributions are seen between the pages and on the covers of national publications such as Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Oprah’s O Magazine and Cosmopolitan. She is in demand with Golden Globe, Oscar, Grammy & Emmy winners as well as TV Hosts, Celebrities, Industry Experts and CEO’s from Fortune 500 companies such as Valero, Coca Cola and P&G.

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