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Working With The Newly Crowned Miss San Antonio 2015

On stage_emma rudkin

Miss San Antonio 2015: Emma Faye Rudkin

For Starley Murray Cosmetics A-list Artists, February is normally a busy month. Bridal season begins, film/commercial production picks up, and The Miss San Antonio and Miss San Antonio Teen Pageants take place! During the pageant, our makeup artists and hair stylists are busy at work getting the pageant delegates ready for the stage.

headshot_emma rudkinThis year, an amazingly talented young lady (who I’ve nicknamed “my little sweetheart”), Emma Faye Rudkin, was crowned Miss San Antonio 2015. My team and I have worked with pageant delegates and winners for several years now, but this year, Miss San Antonio really left a lasting impression on us! Emma has so many unique qualities about her that distinguish her from past winners, one of the most notable being that she is deaf. Guests at the pageant were blown away by Emma’s singing voice, and even more so by the fact that she plays 3 instruments! The article recently published on Ellen Degeneres’ video channel, EllenTube, said it best, “Emma Rudkin: turning a disability into an ability.”

I had the pleasure of working with Emma for On-Camera and Stage Makeup consulting, while 2 of my A-list artists, Jasmine Brock and Christine Duffield, provided her makeup artistry and hair styling the day of the pageant.  We were extremely impressed with Miss Emma’s ability to master doing her makeup just from one 10-minute lesson, so that she could concentrate on her message to serve others and present her best image from her heart on stage.

Kitchen_emma rudkinAnd just the other day, after wrapping up a photo shoot with Emma, I got to enjoy a personal performance by Emma in the kitchen alongside Emma’s mother, Kathy Rudkin, and Photographer, Gary Perkins. Admittedly, I get goosebumps every time I hear her sing!!!

I’m looking forward to working with Emma several more times this year, when she will be a future VIP guest on one of my TV segments, as well as a guest performer at our August Publicity Platform Weekend! Emma, we wish you all the best in competing for for Miss Texas 2015!

Starley Murray Cosmetics, worn by Emma Rudkin, the winner of The Miss San Antonio 2015 Pageant.

Starley Murray Cosmetics, worn by Emma Rudkin, the winner of The Miss San Antonio 2015 Pageant.

You can read more about Emma Rudkin on the Miss San Antonio 2015 Facebook fan page, as well as Aid The Silent’s page. Aid the Silent is a non-profit organization committed to advocating and supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community by combining under one umbrella a support system for: deaf ministry, deaf education, deaf research and deaf resources.